Kairon Labs was officially founded in Belgium near the end of 2018 as a dedicated algorithmic trading service. During the ICO boom in 2017 and the following retracement in 2018 we noticed a large need for ethical market making in this nascent market.

Being in the centre of Europe, we have a long term commitment to the crypto market and are dedicated to transparency and self regulation.

Our values

  1. Reliability
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity


Execution is the key to success in business.

Kairon Labs consists of an elite team with a proven track record in traditional finance, and emerging markets including crypto.

Prior to crypto trading we leverage 8+ years of experience building trading software for traditional FX markets.


At Kairon Labs we are proud of our highly skilled and diversely talented team, that consists of multiple experts per company vertical, ensuring that there is always someone available to respond to your inquiry no matter the subject at hand.

Our team is spread all around the globe, from the USA to China. We cover every timezone so our business runs smoothly 24/7.

Headshot of Jens Willemen

Jens Willemen

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Mr. Willemen is in charge of both "business as usual" and strategic planning for the company. Prior to founding Kairon Labs, Jens built up his extensive network and experience in the crypto market by working for a small VC based out of Switzerland where he was the Head of Advisory. Before jumping into crypto Mr. Willemen was working as a Senior Advisor for AXA Belgium.

Jens studied in Antwerp, Belgium and holds degrees in both Business Management as well as Finance and Insurance.

Headshot of Mathias Beke

Mathias Beke

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

On a day-to-day basis Mr. Beke is mainly focused on creating, adapting and implementing algorithms and trading strategies. He is the one who built the company's proprietary suite of trading software from the ground up. Prior to founding Kairon Labs, Mathias had a short stint at a Swiss based crypto VC where he was in charge of architecting the data and trading infrastructure of a new cryptocurrency exchange. Previously Mr. Beke was working as the Enterprise Architect for one of Belgium's biggest banks where he was reporting directly to the CTO and the board. Mathias is an avid trader and TA specialist boasting deep market experience in both the traditional financial sector and the crypto space.

Mathias studied in Antwerp where he received his degree in Informatics.