Event Highlight: Kairon Labs Enters The Metaverse with 3X Capital

Kairon Labs x 3x Capital: Metaverse Meetup
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The rise of the metaverse has brought about new and exciting opportunities for digital asset investment and advisory firms like 3X Capital. With a focus on seed-stage web3 startups, 3X Capital is actively involved in the metaverse community and is committed to identifying promising startups and helping them grow. On their commitment to innovation, they often host events within their dedicated Metaverse space and this time Kairon Labs was invited as one of their guest speakers.

The digital event program is split into 4 topics: 1/ Q1 Blockchain Metrics 2/ Dapps Performance 3/ Importance of Managing Liquidity for Tokens 4/ Insights on Educational Program

The first part focused on milestones and note-worthy metrics within the blockchain ecosystem, followed by the overall summary of the Dapps (Decentralized Applications).

Robert Vukosa, BD of Kairon Labs and guest speaker at the event, then presented the importance of token liquidity in the ever-growing web3 space and our latest partnership with 3X Capital. Kairon Labs, being a crypto market maker, will still be focusing on providing institutional-grade liquidity solutions to our clients, but we also offer other services such as investment pairing. In order to ensure success for our partner projects, we partner with Investment firms such as 3X Capital and connect them with projects seeking funding at any stage.

Our service also includes support in creating pitch decks and ensuring relevant seed information meets investor standards. The event also delved into 3X Capital's ongoing Educational Program, a 10-week-long practical educational lecture delivered in the metaverse that gives fundamental knowledge on blockchain analytics. The program's mission is to unite and empower Web3 professionals and accelerate growth and innovation in the industry by providing comprehensive education on investment analysis.

The program includes lectures from General Partners, Investment Analysts, and industry-leading partners of 3x Capital, tapping into discussions such as feedback on analytical reports, market research, and other tasks. It also includes 1-on-1 mentorship sessions and community meetings with investors and startup founders. As the event came to a close, the team at 3X Capital reiterated their commitment to supporting the growth and development of the metaverse, now with Kairon Labs as its latest partner. To learn more about the Web3 Analyst program, read through this link: https://3xcapital.fund/education

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