Starting a MOVE2EARN Revolution: How Kairon Labs Helped Step App Launch Their Token Project Successfully

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In a world that is more device-centric with every passing day, it has never been more important to counter the sit-scroll-type lifestyle with a set fitness regime. To entice us to move, apps have been incorporated into various mobile gadgets to keep tabs on our physical activity. Health and fitness are the main driving forces of our exercise routines, but what if we add the possibility of financial gain to our physical activity? Monetizing daily actions, especially ones that benefit our health, sounds like a win-win situation and is the main idea behind the Move2Earn initiative. This is where Step App steps in (wink, wink) with its FitFi tokens, taking the concept to a new, revolutionary level. FitFi is a defining point in bringing the $100B fitness market to users in a way the consumers can make money from, and Step App is its groundbreaking practical application. As Game2Earn and Move2Earn enter their second-gen cycle, this application creates a gamified metaverse in which you can walk, jog and run to socialize, play, and now earn - redefining the metaverse landscape.

Making Your Steps Count

Step App offers users loot boxes, KCAL, and Sneaks. The Sneak NFTs are a big part of the idea. You use FitFi tokens to buy Sneaks, and then you use KCAL you earned while running to upgrade your sneaker(s). KCAL is basically proof of actual work. You can burn KCAL tokens to showcase your workout results with an elite Sneak NFT, team up with partners, or compete against each other. When a project has an impressive scope of possibilities, it’s no wonder over 10 million users have signed up for the beta version.By tapping into activity that is a normal part of so many people’s daily lives, Step App is the peak of crypto adoption. The app uses a step count to reward players financially for physical activity, thus promoting healthy lifestyles among users while creating assets. The magnitude of the endeavor is further underlined by the app’s main ambassador- Usain Bolt, 8-time Olympic gold medalist.

The most exciting thing about the Step App is that it is a launchpad for numerous other projects within the platform. It’s an expanding ecosystem that supporters, participants, and users will be able to use, network-wide. This results in more token utility from the very start, a significant difference from earlier P2E models. One of the main concerns participants usually have in Play2Earn gaming is the sustainability of the game’s economy. Currently, Play2Earn relies entirely on an inflow of new players to maintain token prices. Step App discards this model and instead creates an open ecosystem with both incentives and insurance for users using FitFi tokens.

Building a Community And Setting Up a Launch Strategy

Just as one of Step App’s biggest goals is to build a strong, dependable user community, the developers knew they needed a dependable partnership to launch the app and put it on the crypto market. They reached out to the Kairon Labs team, known in the crypto circles for creating long-term, sustainable relationships, and transparent market making. A listing strategy was suggested, together with detailed research on when and how to open to the market. Details are very important, and experience really lends itself to making the right choices. Karion Labs also steered Step App’s operation towards a diverse community of smaller users and stakers. Rather than offering tokens to VCs first, everyone is given an equal and fair chance to join the event. It means thousands of people can invest $100 each and still participate in everything that the project has to offer. Instead of raising money from big VCs, the approach was to think bigger and go wider. VCs have a lot of money, however, they often don't provide too much value. It's better to have a community of smaller contributors who really believe in brand ambassadors and stay involved with the network. Ultimately, it comes down to trust and creating a healthy, active community, something that Step App and Kairon Labs were on the same page with from day one. After the initial offering, Step App gathered over 100,000 users who staked tokens. That truly reflects the trust people are putting into this product from the get-go, setting a foundation for a stable community-owned FitFi. [embed][/embed]

Unlocking the Full Potential Towards Seamless Application

As advised by Kairon Labs, Step App decided to list their FitFi token on 4 major exchanges on day one. These exchanges were OKX, Bybit, Gate, and Huobi. Following the suggested strategy, the launch resulted in more than $200 000 000 in volume on the first day (!). This is a notable result, especially because at that time the crypto market was already in a downward trend.FitFi became the biggest user of gas on the entire Avalanche blockchain. So big it now has its own blockchain called Step Network. FITFItokens were also the most oversubscribed sale ever on DAO Maker. The aim was to create liquidity by using multiple exchanges to give buyers and supporters wide yet focused access. The launch was successful in getting the masses on board. Generally, with all the built crypto infrastructure, the next cycle should be significant because regular people won't even realize that they're using crypto or blockchain technology. The mission is to create a seamless experience, something that both crypto and non-crypto audiences feel comfortable with. Through the usage of Step App, the creators not only wish to reward you for your active living habits but to build a strong Step App community within an ever-expanding network. The entire platform will be constantly enhanced through premium partnerships with both stars in the world of fitness and exceptional players in the realm of crypto.

​Onward and Upward: The Official Launch and Future Plans

Naturally, the next chapter is bringing the FitFi flagship app to users, as it’s important to view Step App as a community launchpad for other projects: an entry into the entire FitFi ecosystem. An exciting thing about the app is the real-life benefit of using it. It’s absolutely not a strictly online affair but a localized community venture, building strong connections between people who then meet offline. It is positioned to move far beyond trending and become a standard in fitness and finance.

Right now, Step App already boasts over 60 000 beta testers on the app. The users are eager to start competing against each other in a global Move2Earn system. You can use the app on any iOS or Android device, where you have access to your native crypto wallet and NFT marketplace all in one place. Throughout this evolution, Kairon Labs still continuously supports Step App and provides information on partnerships, brand ambassadors, new exchanges, and projects that reach out to us that are interesting, be it for their launch or to integrate with their network. The launch is set for 1 December 2022 in Tokyo, where Usain Bolt, the global face of Step App, will present the future of fitness. Along with exciting names from the world of sports, the app launch will also have as a speaker the CEO of the Coingate and Triathlete, Dmitrijus Borisenka, who will give his two crypto cents on the whole affair. Depending on the type of tickets you buy, you can meet Usain Bolt, get swag bags, and Sneak NFTs. To stay updated on the latest news, join Step App’s Telegram, Discord, or Twitter and be part of the conversation around one of the most exciting projects disrupting the blockchain gaming industry.If you have a token project you need help with, do not hesitate to contact us! Be it in an advisory capacity or introducing you to key players in the market, we are always looking forward to creating quality solutions for all of your needs!

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