Top 10 Tips to Consider When Launching a Token

Top 10 Tips to Consider When Launching a Token | Kairon labs
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The cryptocurrency market has grown over the past few years, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the two most widely used cryptocurrencies. However, the market has become increasingly crowded with the emergence of numerous other cryptocurrencies. By the end of 2013, there were over 50 different cryptocurrencies launched followed by approximately 10x to over 500 increase by 2014. As of this year, there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies launched, proving that the rate of growth for the market is relatively fast, with great potential for growth and opportunities.

In this sense, making sure that your token launch doesn’t get lost in that pool, is tantamount to the success of your project. Hence we listed out the top 10 considerations you need to look into if you’re thinking of launching your very own token.

  1. Clear and Unique Value Proposition Make sure you have a clear and unique idea that can solve a real-world problem or address a particular need. This will help differentiate your project from others in the crowded cryptocurrency space. This is also essential for establishing credibility and trust in your project. Potential investors and users are more likely to trust a project that has been launched properly, with a clear and transparent roadmap, and a team of experts who can deliver on their promises. Be as detailed as possible and re-read your documents multiple times before release, to minimize risk and earn users' trust.
  2. Develop a Solid Whitepaper and Tokenomics Your whitepaper should clearly explain the technical aspects of your project, its objectives, relative costs, and its potential use cases. Be sure to provide detailed information on the technology, the team, the Tokenomics, the technology used, and the roadmap. Oftentimes, we see projects with half-baked whitepapers done in a moment of rush - creating confusion and mistrust among potential investors or token buyers. Building a successful cryptocurrency project takes time and effort, and it starts with properly laid-down documentation.
  3. Get a Legal Advisor From The Start Cryptocurrency regulations vary widely across jurisdictions. Ensure that you are complying with all relevant regulations in the countries where you plan to operate. A proper launch can help you avoid legal and regulatory issues that can damage your project’s reputation and hinder its long-term success.
  4. Build a Strong and Experienced Team As most investors say, sometimes they invest in people more than the project itself, as the right team can be trusted to get things going. Your team should be composed of experts in various fields such as technology, finance, marketing, and law. This will ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully launch and develop your project. If funds are a concern, getting reputable short-term advisors or consultants might be a good solution to get things started.
  5. Get a Dedicated Website and Secure Brand Ownership Phishing is a real thing that happens especially in the most hyped-up token launches. You can easily avoid this by getting immediate domain registration, and trademarks and securing brand ownership to multiple platforms. Get a dedicated site for airdrop announcements, and a dedicated platform for product updates. Investing in SEO and Social Page Ownership earlier on will work to your benefit.
  1. Establish Partnerships and Collaborations Partnering with other businesses and organizations can help increase the visibility and adoption of your project. Look for partnerships that align with your project’s goals and values. A successful launch can attract attention from potential investors and users, leading to increased demand for your token. This can help to create a more vibrant and active community around your project, which can lead to greater adoption and usage of your token over time.
  2. Create a Strong Community Building a strong community of supporters and users is essential for the success of your project. Engage with your community through social media, forums, and other channels. Keep them updated on the latest developments about the project. Airdrops and other incentives are a great avenue to generate hype, interest, and loyalty in your community. You can use this to reward users for value-added actions.
  3. Launch Your Project Through a Reputable Exchange Launching your project through a reputable exchange can increase its credibility and visibility. Look for exchanges that have a strong reputation and a large user base or one that also aligns with your target market.
  4. Invest in a Market Maker Market Makers such as Kairon Labs, can help you launch your token in different exchanges, and keep your token liquidity. Making sure that your token is liquid from the moment it is launched is important in being able to maintain your listing in specific exchanges. Market Makers also make sure that your token price is stable in different exchanges, which eventually attracts more investors to your project. Read more about "why liquidity is important" through this link
  5. Treasury It can be tempting to release all your token reserves during your launch, especially when the trade volume is good. However, a treasury allocation for future token distribution through governance is still practiced by even the most successful token launches. Projects usually allocate 10-50% of their token to the treasury, to be used for allocation to different stakeholders.

Launching your token correctly is essential for establishing credibility and trust, increasing visibility and adoption, avoiding legal and regulatory issues, and ensuring long-term sustainability. By taking the correct steps such as those outlined in this blog post, you can increase the likelihood of a successful launch and create a strong foundation for the long-term success of your project.

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Kairon Labs provides upscale market-making services for digital asset issuers and token projects, leveraging cutting-edge algorithmic trading software that is integrated into over100+ exchanges with 24/7 global market coverage. Get a free first consult with us now at

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Kairon Labs provides upscale market-making services for digital asset issuers and token projects, leveraging cutting-edge algorithmic trading software that is integrated into over 100+ exchanges with 24/7 global market coverage. Get a free first consult with us now at