Weekly Crypto Market Update - April 29, 2024

Weekly Crypto Market Update - April 29, 2024
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  • U.S. PCE increased 2.7% YoY in March v.s. 2.6% estimated, the core PCE rose 2.8% YoY v.s. 2.6% estimated.
  • U.S. GDP growth slowed to a 1.6% rate in the first quarter, well below 2.4% estimated.
  • Consensys filed lawsuit against SEC over Ethereum.
  • Hongkong BTC and ETH ETF will start trading on Apr 30th, but Mainland China investors won't have access.
  • Reuters reported SEC is expected to deny spot ETH ETF in May.
  • Franklin Templeton lists ETH ETF on DTCC.
  • US prosecutors are seeking 3 year jail sentence for ex-Binance CEO CZ before April 30th sentencing.


Legacy DXY  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

DXY is still as top of the range, but has been failing to break higher last week. If the weakness at top of the range continuous and DXY drops back deeper in the range, equities and crypto should pick up again.


Legacy VIX  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

VIX has come down quite a bit, but it’s still in the territory of making a possible higher low. Ideally, it does a full retrace to the 12-14 this would allow most market to continue trends again.


BTC Weekly  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

BTC is still consolidating on previous ATH, however post-halving, it seems ETF inflows have slowed down in the short-term. For now, BTC is just ranging until further notice after a massive upwards arc in early 2024. This should open up upside on alt/btc ratios.


ETH Weekly  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

ETH has also found support at the 2.8-3k area. Meanwhile with BTC ranging ETH/BTC ratio saw a nice reversal over the weekend.


ETH/BTC | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

ETH/BTC saw a reversal over the weekend. However everytime ETH/BTC had any kind of reversal it usually bled back down couple days later. If the reversal is real it should keep going instead of bleeding back down. If there ever was a good moment though it’s now with BTC having a complete loss of momentum.


TOTAL3 USD  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

TOTAL3 still seems like it will need some time to build a new price structure at these higher levels before it’s ready to continue upwards. There will of course be out-performers as always, but in the short-term it seems the market is poised to build more range on most coins.


TOTAL3/BTC  | Crypto Market Update - Kairon Labs

ALT/BTC, just like ETH/BTC, could pick up quite a bit with BTC having major momentum loss. And ALT/USDT pairings seemingly ready to build new ranges, it would make sense for ALT/BTC to see more reversion against BTC after the initial trend BTC had with the ETF inflows.


  • ALT/BTC ratios setting up strong after BTC loss of momentum post halving.
  • ETH/BTC reversing over the weekend, can it finally continue to trend upwards?


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This post is prepared by Kairon Labs Traders: Joshua van de Kerckhove, and Patrick Li

Edited by: Marianne Dasal

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