Women in Crypto: Meet the Ladies at Kairon Labs

Women in Crypto: Meet the Ladies at Kairon labs
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As we celebrate Women's History Month, we would like to highlight the women we work with on a daily basis and their experiences in working with this dynamic and ever-evolving crypto industry. 

The crypto industry boomed significantly by mid-2018, and even then women have played roles ranging from software development to marketing to community building and more. They are founding startups, launching new projects, and driving constant innovation in the space. Although the view is that crypto is a male-dominant industry, this did not stop female tech leaders to jump on and represent in the space. Some of the popular women in crypto are Dovey Wan, Tavonia Evans, Altcoin Sara, Layah Heilpern, and more. 

The lack of awareness and education about cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they present plays a big role in why women do not immediately jump into the space, as it would normally require them to have an existing background in Finance or Tech - which is not always the case.

In order to encourage women to dip their toes in this industry, we talked to our ladies here at Kairon Labs about why and how they began their careers in crypto, and why you shouldn’t feel intimidated to start yours.

Aurelie Eyckmans

Back Office Team

What can you say about working in the crypto industry?

As I am part of the back office team, I find that the same concept applies to any organization: it needs structure and process to make things run smoothly. Being able to track tasks and manage your day-to-day to achieve efficiency still works, even if it’s a different industry. First and foremost, of course, is always building your business based on your client’s needs, and my department makes sure that everything is processed accordingly to avoid risks and delays. 

What is your experience so far working with Kairon Labs?

I really like working at Kairon Labs! Everybody is so motivated and the team is very enthusiastic! I learned a lot these past months and am so grateful to work in a company that allows us to work remotely. Having a work-life balance promotes better employee satisfaction, and substantially creates better work efficiency. 

Who is your female role model and why?

My female role model is my mom for sure. She is always so spontaneous and so full of passion. I remember her working a lot when I was younger, and I admire that! But despite her busy schedule she always made sure she made time for her family.

Poppy "Pei" Peng

Business Development Team

What can you say about working in the crypto industry?

Working in the crypto industry is a fascinating and ever-changing landscape, and I feel fortunate to be part of such an exciting and innovative field. Kairon provides a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages personal and professional growth, which has enabled me to develop new skills and broaden my knowledge base. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work at Kairon, and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in this dynamic industry.

Looking back two or three years ago, I was still uncertain about my career path. However, I never let myself become complacent or comfortable. I have always been eager to try new things and learn from excellent peers. My advice is to not define yourself too early and not be afraid to change, keep trying until you find your passion and pursue it with dedication.

What is your experience so far working with Kairon Labs?

I have been working with Kairon for four months, where I handled business development and advisory responsibilities. My professional experience has spanned various fields such as projects, exchanges, venture capital, and market making. My diverse background has helped me to become a well-rounded professional in the field of business development. At Kairon, I am able to apply my skills and expertise to assist clients with their various needs, whether it's advising on fundraising or helping with project incubation.

Who is your female role model and why?

My mom has a persistent and resilient personality; she puts in 100% effort and has no reserves when it comes to her work. She is also kind and sincere to everyone she interacts with, and her character is a great source of inspiration for me.

Carla "RC" Ramos

Marketing Team

What can you say about working in the crypto industry?

I came to know about crypto by chance. I have been hearing it from friends and have been reading about it on the news but never really got much into it, as I was previously working at an e-commerce company. After moving to the Fintech industry, I was mostly required to learn more about finance, capital markets, lending, payments, and other financial solutions, including cryptocurrency. It was then that my interest in crypto peaked. Having seen emerging technologies like NFTS, P2Es, and P2Ps being used by a lot of gamers in the Philippines during the Axie Infinity craze back in 2019 - I was enthralled. What started off as mere curiosity became my passion.

Having a Bachelor’s in Finance helped me a lot in being able to grasp the concept of crypto markets and the like. It was the most natural thing, really. Although, after having attended many crypto events and conferences - I indeed notice the lack of female representation in the space, and I would like to encourage more women to join this fast-paced environment. This new industry is still in the growing stage, meaning it is the perfect time to jump in, learn, and work side-by-side with innovators and thought leaders.

What is your experience so far working with Kairon Labs?

I’ve always considered myself a nerd. I can stay one whole week learning, and reading alone in my room and still feel energized - and Kairon Labs made me feel at home in that sense. Every day I get to learn more from our expert traders, and our professional BDs. Coming from a Fintech background where most things are structured already, it is refreshing to build something new here at Kairon Labs: whether it be partnerships or building new ways to support our clients, I am happy to be a part of a team that is so diverse and driven. The team is very supportive and encouraging, and the fact that we all work remotely gives us the liberty to balance our professional and personal lives better.

Who is your female role model and why?

I have many female role models, including my grandma, mom, Amal Clooney, Malala Yousifazi, and more! But for this post, I would say: Susan B. Anthony - the first woman to stand and fight for a woman’s right to suffrage (voting). This is because her movement is one of the biggest steps in history that I still find very important today. At that time, women are expected to be less and do less, because we were never given a seat to vote for our rights. Being able to vote is an important privilege I still enjoy today, and one I would like my children to enjoy in the future. Her vigor and dedication to fight for change amidst all odds will always be an inspiration to me.

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